PlayLab Presents

Drape by Karen Topacio

When Tom Dixon asked if there was anything PlayLab wanted to exhibit at his pop-up London department store Multiplex, it seemed highly appropriate to present exciting new fashion which had been created with the aid of ‘gestural design’, using Microsoft’s Kinect technology. As an added bonus we would have the kit installed so that visitors could move their bodies around to create their own unique three-dimensional forms.

PlayLab has been very proud to present the amazing clothes of Parisian designer Karen Topacio, and the ‘DRAPE’ app developed by Cyril Diagne. In line with the aims of the whole Multiplex project, this installation brought theatre, technology, playful interaction, and new life to the clothes shopping experience.

This iteration of ‘DRAPE’ is seen as a first step, and we hope to develop it into a much more immersive multi-screen experience in the future. Possibly using 3D print to give visitors a solid record of their creativity.