I started PlayLab in 2010 after a lightning bolt of insight struck me: play and playfulness are the absolute core of all creativity. After many years working in creative industries I realised that I’d slightly lost my ‘play mojo’. Then I considered all the people who don’t have any of the creative play opportunities that I’ve always taken for granted. 

It was a call to action. I figured I had to try whatever it took to bring back the play and spread it around. Clearly there is some kind of shared meme in the air, because everywhere I go there is a desire to be more playful.

After extensive study of many aspects of play and creativity, and a lifetime of practical experience, I can tell you that letting your imagination play freely will enhance every part of your life.

— Paul Pethick

Core Team

Paul Pethick

Paul Pethick
Creative Director

Has worked in many areas over the last twenty-five years, including advertising, feature films, TV, animation, music, property development, and interior design. Job titles have encompassed creative director, director, musician, designer, producer, writer and even actor. Ultimately his specialism is bringing playful involvement to a broad range of creative situations.

Gavin Morris

Gavin Morris
Tech Director

Whilst running his own extremely popular ‘Digital Funfair’, Gavin also splices wires and knits code to make the technological side of PlayLab projects function smoothly. Included in his toolbag are long experience with public interaction, and a saboteur’s skill in reconfiguring widely available consumer electronics.

Craig Sinnamon

Craig Sinnamon
Graphic Design Director

A key PlayLab collaborator from the start, Craig has coordinated the PlayLab style to a large degree, and always in a playful way. Covering all aspects of print, typography, web and motion graphics, event display and even product design, his studio has the knowledge and skills to get things looking right and produced to very high standards.


Because the broad scope of our projects can also involve a whole slew of skills beyond what we have in-house – specialist technology, game coding, web development, set and prop building, music scoring and so on, as well as the many facets of dance, theatre, art and craft – we have a network of programmers, designers, makers and doers who can be called on for their specialist skills, all depending on the concept.

PlayLab is always looking for new collaborators to work (sorry) play with, so if you have skills, ideas or projects that you think might fit please get in touch.

Selected Clients

Big thanks go out to all people and organisations that have commissioned, facilitated and encouraged any PlayLab activities to date.